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Title: Upper atmosphere wind and temperature profiles over Woomera at twilight
Report number: WRE-TR-1921(W)
AR number: AR-000-976
Classification: Unclassified
Report type: Technical Memorandum
Authors: Lloyd, K.H.
Low, C.H.
MacLeod, R.I.
Issue Date: 1977-12
Division: Weapons Research Establishment, Weapons Research and Development Wing
Abbreviation: WRE
Release authority: Chief Superintendent, Weapons Research and Development Wing, Weapons Research Establishment
Task number: 99 Indirect
Pages or format: 44
References: 17
DSTORL/DEFTEST terms: Upper atmosphere
Temperature measurement
Sounding rockets
Other descriptors: Woomera
Abstract: This report presents results on wind and temperature profiles of the thermosphere determined by observing release of lithium, trimethyl-aluminium vapour and aluminised grenades from sounding rockets launched at Woomera. The drift and deformation of the trails are separated into large, medium and small scale motions. Their interpretation in terms of tides, gravity waves and turbulence is discussed. The high-altitude wind velocity limit revealed especially interesting results. Temperature profiles, determined by comparing observed vapour cloud spectra with synthetic spectra, are presented. They are in close agreement with standard atmosphere profiles for the corresponding exospheric temperatures.
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